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The California Lemon Law is a consumer protection law enacted to provide recourse after having purchased a

defective vehicle.

Think your car is a Lemon?

If so, we can help.  If you have had repeated repairs to your vehicle or it has been out of service for several days, it may be a lemon and you may be entitled to a full refund, new replacement car, or a cash settlement.

You paid a lot of money for your vehicle and cannot afford to delay in pursuing your rights under the California Lemon Law.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be to resolve your case because the additional miles you put on your car after discovering it is a lemon may be charged back to you.  You must act quickly to protect your rights.  Our experienced California Lemon Law Attorneys are here to help you through the lemon law process and make it quick and easy for you to receive a full refund, new replacement vehicle, or cash settlement.

No fee or cost to you!
In most cases, all fees and costs are paid by the manufacturer.  You pay nothing!  Don't delay, take two minutes now and end all the headaches with your vehicle.  If you are having warranty problems with your car, call us toll free at 1-888-80-LEMON (1-888-805-3666) today to speak to a Lemon Law Attorney at no cost to you.  Or you can complete the email evaluation form for a free case review.

California Lemon Law Information
Consumers who have defective cars in California may be able to get relief under the California Lemon Law, the federal lemon law, also known as the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act or other state lemon laws.

The California Lemon Law, known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act provides that a defective car may qualify under the lemon law if it has been to the repair shop three or more times for the same defect, or the car was out of service for warranty related repairs over 30 days during the manufacturer's bumper-to-bumper warranty period.

Under the California Lemon Law if your car meets the requirements of the lemon law, you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle or a refund of the purchase price, including down payment, monthly payments, interest paid on the loan, and a full payoff of the balance remaining on your loan or lease.  Our California Lemon Law Attorneys can give you a free evaluation of your repair documents and tell you whether your car qualifies for a "buyback" under the California Lemon Law.

The California Lemon Law also applies to used cars.  Just like with new cars, as long as your used car has been to the shop on multiple occasions and the repairs began during the manufacturer's warranty period, you may be entitled to a full refund, new replacement vehicle, or cash settlement under the California Lemon Law.

We are ready to help you with your lemon vehicle problems.  Please contact  our California Lemon Law Attorney to discuss your particular case.  Each car's repair history is unique and requires a separate evaluation.  Our California Lemon Law Attorney will provide this service free of charge.  If we present your claim to the manufacturer under the California Lemon law or the Federal Lemon Law we will obtain our attorney fees from the manufacturer.  There is never any charge to you for any of our services.

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