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Consumer-Warranty Rights

Every new vehicle purchased in the United States comes with a warranty.  Different manufacturers offer different warranties, such as 3-years/36,000-miles, which is the most common warranty period for domestic vehicles produced by Ford, GMC, Chevy, and Chrysler.  Some manufacturers offer increased warranty protection, such as 5-years/50-000-miles, or even 10-years/100,000-miles.  While shopping for a new car, consider the warranty terms in addition to the price you are paying for the vehicle.  The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act gives consumers the right to review warranty details prior to purchase.  Dealers are required by law to post written notices in conspicuous locations such as showrooms, which tell consumers that copies of all warranties are available upon request.  If they are not on the premises, the dealer must provide information necessary to obtain the warranty for the manufacturer.

Warranty Checklist

Federal laws also provide significant warranty guidelines and restrictions that have made written warranties easier to understand.  Warranties must now stipulate the duration of coverage offered and items or practices which specifically exclude coverage.

Consequential Damages

Most warranties will not cover expenses incurred as result of vehicle's failure, such as lost income or wages due to not being able to go to work because your car would not start.  However, the California Lemon Law does give consumers additional rights regarding recovery of expenses paid by the consumer for towing, repair expenses paid by the consumer, and hotel costs if the vehicle leaves you stranded away from your home.

Warranty Details

It is always a good idea to read through the warranty which came with your new vehicle to be become completely familiar with the rights and obligations of the consumer under the terms of your written warranty.  One often misunderstood area of warranty coverage is whether or not you are entitled to a free rental car while yours is being repaired at the dealership.  Unfortunately, most new car warranties do not include free rental cars during repairs.  However, some dealerships may offer free rental cars to their customers during the time their vehicles are being repaired.  Various dealerships have different policies regarding loaner vehicles, so call the dealership and ask before making an appointment for warranty repairs.